How to Improve Water Pressure at Home

How to Improve Water Pressure at Home

You can have all the lather in the world, but if your water pressure only runs at a trickle, your shower will be less than satisfying. Filling the sink to wash dishes becomes an agonizing process, but not quite as agonizing as filling the tub for the kids. Improving water pressure becomes much more than wishful thinking--it becomes absolutely necessary.

Sometimes as simple as a faucet upgrade can help return water pressure to where it should be. That is, if the problem is specific to that faucet. You can pinpoint whether the faucet is blocked or the shutoff valve is turned off with a little home detective work. Check all of the faucets in the home to determine how widespread the problem happens to be. If you can isolate the issue to one or a few places, then it's time to troubleshoot, so you can find a solution. You may simply need a new aerator within the faulty faucet.

Of course, if the water pressure seems to be low all throughout the house, or if a new aerator doesn't solve the low pressure, you've likely got a larger problem on your hands. For some folks, the water pressure may have been low since the day they moved into the home. For others, it may happen over time or seemingly overnight.

Once you determine that low water pressure seems to be a major issue, consider a truly effective home improvement option to fix it. The Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system increases the water pressure and flow of your home or business location with flow rates of up to 300 litres/minute. This system is whisper quiet, delivering better water pressure, and offers fail-safe reliability and limited power consumption, running at a constant speed for optimal efficiency. Units can be customized to reach the desired flow and pressure, improving your everyday experiences and water usage.

The Boost-a-Main system takes the available mains water and stores it under pressure in the accumulator. This captures the kinetic energy of the water, the system then increases the amount and pressure of the stored water using the unique Mag Drive shaft-less pump technology. This pressurised stored water is then used to supplement the available mains water supply at pressures up to 4.5 bar and flow rates up to 130 litres per minute. Model 15 delivers up to 300 litres per minute on 42mm pipework.

Truly enough to satisfy even the most demanding of homes.

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