What is Boost-a-Main?

  • Direct connected main water pressure booster
  • Unique best in class Pro Vess water accumulators
  • Kinetic capture technology  - Pressurises and controls accumulated water
  • 130 l/min Outlet flow – Model 10
  • Perfect for multiple bathroom applications

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Boost-a-Main Brochure

Boost-a-Main Boost-a-Main

Why Fit Boost-a-Main?

  • Poor water pressure throughout property
  • Poor combi boiler performance
  • Poor shower pressure
  • Slow filling baths
  • Poor Kitchen tap flow
  • Poor ensuite bathroom water pressure
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Benefits of Boost-a-Main

  • Great water pressure throughout property
  • Great combi boiler performance
  • Great shower pressure
  • Fast filling baths
  • Great Kitchen tap flow
  • Great ensuite bathroom water pressure
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See Boost-a-Main in Action

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