Why fit Boost-a-Main?

Poor mains water pressure affects thousands of homes and businesses..

Increasing development together with the popular trend towards mains fed plumbing systems, un-vented cylinders, combination boilers and high performance showers means that more of us are demanding more from the mains water supply.

Modern homes have multiple bathrooms and often feature en-suite facilities to all bedrooms. You don’t have to look back far into the past to see a time that one (indoor) bathroom was the expectation. Water supply infrastructure was not designed for the modern home and often dates back to Victorian times.

Get your showers working properly!

Many modern European taps, showers and terminal fittings are designed for a 3 bar operating pressure to deliver the quoted flow rates. Un-vented cylinders operate best at 3 - 3.5 bar pressure.

Supplied with less the systems often disappoint despite great expense.

Boost-a-Main is the answer.