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  • Does Your Home Have a Proper Water Pressure? 

    Will Boost-a-Main solve your poor water pressure problem? Have you turned on a faucet recently and it seems as though the water is just trickling out of it? This problem frequently occurs for homeowners as their plumbing system ages. Usually, you can pinpoint the reason...

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  • How to Improve Water Pressure at Home

    You can have all the lather in the world, but if your water pressure only runs at a trickle, your shower will be less than satisfying. Filling the sink to wash dishes becomes an agonizing process, but not quite as agonizing as filling the tub...

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  • What makes Boost-a-Main unique

    What makes the Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system unique? Lifetime Warranty on Water Pump Motor on all Boost-a-Main mains water pressure boosting systems. The unique Mag Drive shaft-less water pump technology (Patented in the UK) is used to increase the amount and pressure of...

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  • Boost-a-Main at PHEX+ Alexandra Palace on May 18 & 19th 2016

    Boost-a-Main will be exhibiting at PHEX+ Alexandra Palace on Wednesday 18 & Thursday 19 of May 2016. Times: 10am - 4pm on both days. STAND 77 Great Water. Visit our stand for a friendly chat. Don't miss this great opportunity to meet ...

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  • Boost-a-Main at PHEX Alexandra Palace

    We enjoyed another successful exhibition for Boost-a-Main and Great Water at PHEX Alexandra Palace. Lots of interest from plumbing professionals, as well as from customers, who experience poor water pressure in their homes.

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  • Boost-a-Main at PHEX

    Boost-a-Main was a hit at the PHEX exhibition, lots of customers showed interest in the system and we received a lot of inquiries.

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