Provess Premium Composite Accumulators

Provess Composite Accumulator Vessels are unique in design and construction. Unlike all other accumulator tanks, the Provess Tank system stores the water between the outer shell and the inner bladder.
This eliminates stretching and possible failure of the bladder. It also makes bladder removal and cleaning not only possible but easy. Due to this unique technology it is possible to increase the pressure differential and therefore the net volume of stored water.

The Provess Tank range is manufactured in Europe using the latest composite materials and technology.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • 10 year warranty
  • 10 bar Max. Operating Pressure
  • Interchangeable Membrane
  • Ideal for applications where Legionella control and tank cleaning is a requirement
  • Range of sizes from 150 to 450 litres 
  • All sizes available in either vertical or horizontal* format.
Provess Premium Composite Accumulators