Water Pressure Considerations for Showerhead Shoppers. 

Water Pressure Considerations for Showerhead Shoppers. 

Water Pressure Considerations for Showerhead Shoppers. 

There is no doubt that buying the right showerhead can result in more pleasant showers and more efficient energy usage, but the style and spray pattern of the showerhead itself are not the only factors to consider.  Homeowners also need to consider the water pressure they have available in order to make the most of their showerhead purchases.

If you have noticed that the water pressure in your home is not enough for the shower to have a good pressure and flow, consider installing a water pressure boosting system, such as Boost-a-main. Boost-a-main is a UK patented and manufactured main water pressure boosting system, which delivers water flow rates from 30 to 300 litres per minute. This means the pressure can be maintained in multiple applications simultaneously. 

Boost-a-Main Water Pressure Boosting System

Other features of Boost-a-Main include:

  • The system is whisper quiet.
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Lifetime warranty on pump motor.

For more about  information on all other features of Boost-a-Main, read here

Another factor to consider when buying a shower head is whether or not there is a flow restrictor in place.  Many new showerheads come equipped with built in flow restrictors designed to save water and cut energy costs.  Some of the more expensive showerheads will include an adjustment that allows for greater water pressure, and this feature is definitely one to look for when shopping for a new showerhead.

Even if the showerhead itself does not include a flow restrictor, such a restrictor may be incorporated into the shower faucet.  Removing the existing showerhead will reveal the presence of such a restrictor and help the homeowner determine the best type of showerhead for his or her needs.

When reduced water pressure is noted in a previously well behaved showerhead the problem may be as simple as a buildup of sediment.  Homes with hard water are more prone to these kinds of problems, in that case a water softener would be the best and the most economical solution. Water softeners remove hard water salts and residue from the water, water pipes and home appliances, making it free of limescale. Even the best showerhead can become clogged with sediment, and removing this sediment can result in more pleasant showers and more efficient operation.  Using a cleaner designed to remove hard water stains can help restore lost water pressure and eliminate the need for a new showerhead. But  the limescale buildup will still continue unless you solve the hard water problem.

Small pieces of solder and metal shavings can also be introduced into the water line during the installation of new plumbing, resulting in poor water pressure and unpleasant showers.  It is important to make sure the plumber flushes the lines properly to remove these impurities anytime work is done on the pipes.

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