What makes Boost-a-Main unique

What makes the Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system unique?

  • Lifetime Warranty on Water Pump Motor on all Boost-a-Main mains water pressure boosting systems.
  • The unique Mag Drive shaft-less water pump technology (Patented in the UK) is used to increase the amount and pressure of the stored water in the accumulator using Kinetic energy.
  • The pressurised stored water in the water accumulator is then used by Boost-a-Main to supplement the available mains water supply at pressures up to 6 Bar and flow rates up to 300 litres per minute. 
  • The Provess Water Accumulator, used with the Boost-a-Main system, is unique in design and construction. Unlike the traditional water tanks, the Provess Water Tank system stores the water between the outer shell and the inner bladder. ­­This eliminates stretching and possible failure of the bladder. Please see the video here: Provess Water Accumulators
  • Provess Water Tanks are easy to clean: The bladder removal and cleaning is not only possible, but Very Easy!
  • Due to this unique technology it is possible to increase the pressure differential and therefore the net volume of stored water in the Provess Water Accumulator.
  • Provess water tanks do not rust, as opposed to traditional steel water accumulators, because they are made of the composite materials.
  • The Provess water tank range is manufactured in Europe using the latest composite materials and technology.
  • Boost-a-Main is whisper quiet in operation.
  • It is a water pump rated for continuous duty.
  • It is a low energy consumption mains water pump.
  • No pressure relief is required with Boost-a-Main.
  • Microprocessor controlled.

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