Safety and Fail Safety Features

Safety and Fail Safety Features

Dual circuitry. The system controller incorporates a number of safety features. As well as the primary pressure sensor there are two other sensors. These provide RUN DRY PROTECTION and OVER PRESSURE PROTECTION.

The Run Dry Sensor is constantly checking that a minimum feed water pressure of 0.25 Bar is available at the Boost-a-Main unit. If the water supply is off or intermittent the system will automatically shut down and wait until water supply is restored before re-starting. In this event the yellow “low pressure warning” light will illuminate on the control panel. The system automatically checks every 2 minutes.

Overpressure protection. The pump at the heart of every Boost-a-Main unit is capable of producing some very high pressures. The over pressure sensor should never be required however if the normal pump control circuit were to fail and the pump was running the over pressure sensor will shut down the system at 9 bar. The red light will illuminate on the control panel and the system will require a manual intervention to re-start. This fail safe device operates on a completely separate relay & circuit from the main sensor.

Automatic by-pass. Even if the system were to shut down due to one of the above failure modes water supply will continue. The system will use the accumulated store of water to supply the needs of the property until the system
is re-set. Power failure by-pass Unlike traditional break tank fed pump systems water continues to flow even when there is no electrical supply. During short power failures the performance will be unaffected. If the power is lost for
an extended period the available mains water supply will automatically provide as much flow as it can.